Shortly in english

You are warmly welcome to my gang’s website. At the moment, my pack is made up of three bichon frisé dogs which every now and then obey the following names: Eetu, Tane and Kaapo.

Verneri was the oldest member of the pack. We had to say goodbye to him in July 2012. He reached the venerable age of thirteen in the summer of 2012. The breed has taken our breath away ever since Verneri walked into our home. Therefore the amount of our pack members at home is nowadays three dogs. Ellu and Ekku are placed and they are living in Oulu region.

The nature of bichon is absolutely fantastic. There isn’t one single day without something foolish and insane made by the gang. I wouldn’t change a day although it’s frustrating to keep the coats clean and white in bad weather.

“You’re totally charming!” What else can you say to a white cotton wad with four legs and a wagging tail? We participate in dog shows with Tane and Kaapo but Eetu is already retired from shows. If you want to know more about my gang, feel free to contact me.

Contact info

Kirsi Nevala
Jääli, Finland


Tel. +358405787767